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Taste the finest Mexican candy north of the border and experience the mouth watering sensation of the "sweet and chili" flavor unique to Mexico's sweets. It's a fiesta waiting to happen!

Candy Lollipops
- Hard candy "chilipops" with sweet and spicy flavors in different fruit figures and flavors
Vero Mango - mango flavored chili coated lollipops
Vero Sandia - watermelon flavored chili coated lollipops
Paleta Tama Roca - soft tamarind pulp lollipop
Paleta Indy - tamarind flavored gum-filled lollipop

Soft & Chewy Candy
Panchos - chili coated orange flavored gummies
Pica Gomas - spicy hot, sweet and sour gummies
Pica Fresa - chili coated strawberry flavored gummies
Pulparindo - hot and salted tamarind pulp
Tamarindo rolls - 100% tamarind rolls
Vaso Karla - tamarind candy cup with a plastic spoon
Pelon Pelo Rico - tamarind fruit pulp soft gel candy
Rellerindos - hard candy filled with tamarind
Chicles Canel's - chewing gum
Chile Powders
- Chili powder snack seasoning. Ideal complement to fruit and vegetable snacks or as a spicy treat by itself.
Limon 7 - salty and sour powder
Picositos - chili powder fruit & snack seasoning
Baby Lucas - sweetened chili powder, excellent on fruits!
Peanut Based Candy
Mazapan (Marzipan)
- peanut confection done with selected peanuts in its unmistakable yellow boxes
Palanqueta Sinaloense - peanut brittle bars
Chocolate & Milk Candy (Obleas & Cajeta)
Carlos V - authentic milk chocolate bars
Milk Candy Wafers
Goat milk candy spread (Cajeta)

A booming Mexican candy industry has put its imagination and creativity into these candies and they will bring out a combination of flavors your taste buds will delight in.

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Vero "Super Rebanaditas" - Watermelon flavored hard candy lollipops and chili powder.
Only $12.00
16 pcs/pkg

Mini Takis Fuego by Barcel, 25 - 1.23 oz bags
Only $20.00

Barcel Hot-Nuts peanuts, 90 grams per bag / 36 bags per box
Only $72.00
90 grams per bag / 36 bags per box

"Tarrito" aka "Beer Lollypops" - Pineapple flavored hard candy lollipops.
Only $12.00
40 pcs/pkg
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